Agave Dual Cocktail Pack


Makes 10+ cocktails
Make four delicious Mexpresso cocktails and six Passionfruit Margaritas; Both using our range of Agave!

Pack Contains:
Recipe Card
1 X 500ml Silver Agave Spirit (40% ABV)
1 X 200ml Coffee Agave Liqueur (33% ABV)
1 X 200ml Passionfruit Agave Liqueur (33% ABV)
1 X 125gm Agave Nectar

You will need to supply:
Orange Juice
Espresso Coffee (Pod or Machine ok)
Coffee Beans for Garnish
Orange for Garnish
Passionfruit for Garnish

Method (Mexpresso):
Fill Cocktail Shaker with Ice
Add 45ml Silver Agave Spirit
Add 45ml Coffee Agave Liqueur
Add 45ml Espresso Coffee
Add 15ml Agave Nectar
Shake Vigourously to Encourage Foam
Strain into Cocktail Glass
Garnish with 3 Coffee Beans

Method (Passionfruit Margarita):
Fill Cocktail Shaker with Ice
Add 30ml Passionfruit Agave Liqueur
Add 30ml Silver Agave Spirit
Add 60ml Orange Juice
Include Sugar Syrup or Agave Nectar to taste (if desired)
Shake and Strain over Ice
Garnish with Orange Wheel and Passionfruit Pulp



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