The Guide To Australian Gin & Fever-tree Easy Mixing


The Guide To Australian Gin

Jam packed with info on more than 500 gins from 200 brands across Australia.

Every gin has a short description and a variety of important info, including a botanicals list, ABV %, and which distillery it’s made at.

Each gin has also been tasted by a panel of independent experts who have provided considered tasting notes and serving suggestions to help you choose the right gin and bring out its best.

The book also contains information on native Australian botanicals used in many of the gins, a little about each brand, and a section on Fever-Tree tonics and mixers.

Fever-tree Easy Mixing Guide

Elevate your at home cocktail game with 70 easy-to-make recipes that don’t require you to run about finding ingredients!
Featuring 60 Australian brands and distilleries, with beautiful photography, the book guides you in pairing great mixers that elevate your gin.
Learn to make a range of drinks including speciality G&T, Classics with a Twist, sharing Pitchers and more.

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